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Do you want to learn more about Pawleys Island?


" A Little Book About Pawleys Island" is a delightful little book

chock full of interesting facts, stories and fun.


Excerpts from the book:


A Brief History of Pawleys Island: Pawleys Island is known as one of the oldest summer resorts on the East Coast.


  It was a common practice of plantation owners to move their families to the breezy beaches from the spring until late fall to escape mosquitoes and the fear of malaria. Nearby rice planters started using the island in the early 1700's. One of those was Thomas George Pawley, for whom the island is named. Pawley also donated the land for the first All Saints Chapel built in 1739...


A Brief History of Georgetown County: Georgetown, South Carolina occupies a unique place in American history. In Fact, some historians claim that American history began here in 1526 with the earliest settlement in North America by Europeans...


Ghost Stories


The Gray Man: ...Within this century the Gray Man has been seen by a number of island residents and visitors. He appears just before a storm and strangely those blessed by the appearance of this kindly apparition tell of property that is unscratched while all around there is destruction...


Commonly Asked Questions: ...Where are the shops everyone talks about? There are no commercial businesses on the island. The only thing you can buy there is real estate. If you want to take home a souvenir, eat out or just browse, you'll find merchants of every description all along Hwy. 17...


Also Included in the Book:


Historical Markers, Local Annual Events, More Ghost Stories, Information on Crabbing, Shrimping, and Fishing, Pawleys Island Favorite Recipies, Local Sea Shells and more...


To purchase a copy of Vida Miller's book "A Little Book About Pawleys Island" go to the Gray Man Gallery located at 10707C Ocean Highway in Pawleys Island or contact Vida at

(843) 237-2578  

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New 4th Edition...Updated content & Information

Everthing you want to know about Pawleys Island...

and more by Vida Miller

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